Our mission is TO INSPIRE everyone on the planet to BOOSt their MENTAL FITNESS through exercise. 


At RUNARCHY we love the positive effects of exercise on our minds.

As a brand our mission is to inspire you to create mental fitness through running & exercise.

To achieve our mission, we promote a rebellious attitude to fitness & life. We want you to run, exercise and keep fit your way.

We value individuality, uniqueness and nonconformity. We want you to be bold, strong, fearless and free.

BE RUNARCHY. #runriot.



RUNARCHY is a social enterprise on a mission to inspire people to boost their mental fitness through exercise.

Our #RIOTSQUAD brand ambassadors are mental health champions from the running & fitness community. 

Together, RUNARCHY and the #RIOTSQUAD aim to: 

* promote running and exercise as a way of maintaining and improving mental health fitness 

* establish mental health first aiders from the running & fitness community 

* champion individuals and organisations raising awareness of mental health issues and ways to improve mental health fitness

If you are a mental health champion from the running and fitness community, we would love to hear from you. Email us at